Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

International Cultural Management

Next week I will be joining a panel in Berlin held by the Robert Bosch Foundation and Goethe Institut to discuss what "qualifications in international cultural management contribute to strengthening and internationally networking the arts scene in countries in transition."

Since I have so many friends, followers and blog readers worldwide, I hope there may be a few of you who might want to contribute to the topic. If you work with students, artist or organizations from countries in transition such as BRICS and Arab countries what are your experiences and examples of best practices? Can you share your opinion to help answer the questions below?

1. What qualifications should a cultural manager – in Europe and in countries in transition – possess for international cultural cooperation among peers?

2. At what levels and among which target groups can training programmes be launched for cultural managers in an international context?

3. What criteria do we use to measure their success? What do the certificates look like?

4. What is the relationship between individual advancement and institutional or project funding?

5. What is the relationship between individual advancement and cultural policy processes (in one country, internationally)?

6. How can we support the formation of networks of (former) participants in the programmes?

7. How should ensuing artistic productions be funded?

Feel free to DM me if you don't like to share your opinion in an open forum.
Thank you!

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